Day 1…not too bad…

So today was my first official training day for my marathon.  The weather was a little ominous and I almost didn’t run for fear of being caught in the rain and lightning, alas the rain never happened so I motivated myself to run.  (not a good sign that it is the FIRST day and I am already justifying to skip a day)  Anyways, I had an easy 3 miles to run today so I decided to take my super energized puppy Guinness with me to Noland Trail and run.  I figure he would be a great running buddy and I knew he could keep up with me but towards the end it got a little scary…see Guinness is only 5 months old and is still super curious about everything.  With about a half a mile left…he saw a squirrel…Shit…he darted to the opposite side of me basically tripping me with his leash and honestly I almost inadvertently kicked him in the process of trying not to fall on my face.  So we took a little detour into the woods for a minute until the squirrel darted to safety and the “shiny object” that Guinness was interested in had faded from his brain and the thought of water surely returned.  All in all, the run was a success, no iPod needed, Guinness definitely kept me entertained enough.  He will be a constant companion on the trail from now on.  BTW, 25 minute/3mile run!  Great first day!


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Hello world!

The Goal!!!

Hello to the blogging world!  This is my first attempt at blogging so bear with me…

The whole reason for my thoughts that possibly someone other than my best friend or my mother would read this.  I am embarking on another full marathon in September and my training starts Monday.  I completed my FIRST full marathon last September and it was tough but truly rewarding.  So rewarding that my crazy ass decides it is a good idea to train and complete another…(I know I am crazy) so I thought it would be interesting to document my training prior to.  Now, let me set this up a bit…last year when I was training I encountered some crazy stuff and pretty funny things since I am a certified clutz (I have issues walking into corners and doorways sometimes…sad for me, funny for bystanders.)  So stay posted, I promise that if I fall, run into something stationary or flat out bitch because I don’t want to run that day I will post everything regardless how embarrassing!  Here goes nothing!!!


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